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"There is no better source of knowledge than elders who have lived for decades in their local environment."




This research initiative aims to gain knowledge pertaining to Bahamian ecosystems from the first professional Bahamian Bonefish Guides. This research initiative has three primary goals:

Documenting the history of the industry, developing habitat maps & assessing fisheries population changes... all though accessing guide knowledge and stories


Documenting local ecological knowledge will aid in preserving Bahamian Natural Resources, empower small-island communities and enhance sustainability of the tourism industry. Efforts to document the lives of these guides, the contributions they have made to the Global Bonefishing Industry, the Bahamas Tourism Industry, and the evolution and history of the FlyFishing Industry, will work to give credit to these pioneers and legends.

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“If we are serious about restoring ecosystem health and ecological integrity, then we must first know what the land was like to begin with.”

Aldo Leopold, American Ecologist

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